terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2017

First time writing..

I´m just a brazilian guy trying to learn english writing some texts. So, to start this routine, I´ll write about my last year because was there that I found my necessity to speak english. I was close to graduate in high school, and I wondered my way after that journey. Then, I searched the diferent higher education courses and they careers . Even though I had creativity and aim to build products, I preferred to choose the business side, because there I´ll be prepared to create my own business carrer or also found my own company if I build some products. And studying business, I would learn about the financial market, that is a interesting thing I like. Normally, the best jobs in business world requires fluency in inglish. Other reason I learn english is that I've always been pessimistic with Brazil, and that is the cause I create a "plan B". Let's face it: if I want to go out here (Brazil), I'll be forced to learn others languages.